Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Candy: Trick or Treat?

The adorable little packages of sweet goodness tempt us each Halloween.

The candy is called “fun-size,” “bite-size” or “miniature,” providing the perfect rationalization for indulging in it.

In years past, I have thought to myself, “it’s a small treat…I’ll just have one.”

Well as far as I am concerned, that is the trick.

Having a piece of candy only makes me want candy more. I don’t even think about candy until I taste it. Then, I can’t stop craving it thanks to the hypoglycemic rollercoaster it creates. Before I know it, I have eaten two full candy bars worth of the cute little mini versions. Something I would never do otherwise and wouldn’t consider just because it is Halloween.

So, what’s a fitness-minded person to do? Never eat a piece of candy again?

Umm…. no, that’s crazy. Everyone needs a little treat from time to time. The key is having a plan that allows you to enjoy a treat without sabotaging your fitness goals.

Here’s the plan I employ:
1) Choose two pieces of Halloween candy (150 – 200 calories) that I really want.
2) Save them for the day I have a cheat meal to contain the indulgence to one period of time.
3) Eat them immediately following a balanced meal (protein, complex carb and fat) to minimize the negative impact on my blood sugar and help control the sugar craving cycle.

Happy Halloween!

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